Numerical models for geophysics
Scientific Computing
  • Machine learning / Neural networks
  • Numerical methods (finite elements, finite volumes, time-stepping)
  • Statistics, optimization, inverse problems
Computer science
  • Languages: Python, Fortran 2008, Bash, C, C++
  • HPC // Parallel programming: OpenMP, MPI, Blas/Lapack
  • Linux system administration, Git, GitLab, Docker
  • Data models: NetCDF, GeoTIFF (COG), Zarr
  • Data processing: numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, Keras / TensorFlow
  • French : mother tongue
  • English : read, spoken, written ; very good technical level
  • German : school level


2016-Now EXWEXs

R&D engineer in meteorology EXWEXs — Brest, France.

  • Research & development projects in atmospheric and oceanographic modeling.
  • Development of an operational numerical weather prediction cloud/hybrid system.
  • Development of machine learning algorithms for the prediction of convection from satellite data.
  • Multi-source weather data assimilation on mobile grids.
  • Project management and technical management.
  • Administration of computing servers and satellite data reception stations.
2015-2016 Floralis

Project Engineer — Floralis – UGA / Institut Carnot-LSI — Grenoble, France.

  • Technological development and maturation for innovation transfer from academia to industry.
  • Valorization of a modeling-visualization technology in cardiology for use in the operating room.
2007-2009 / 2011-2014 INRIA

Research Engineer — INRIA — Grenoble, France.
Jean Kuntzmann Laboratory — Projet-team MOISE.

  • Transverse technical coordination in the French Ocean Modeling Community (French National Research Agency).
  • Development of inter-comparison tools for oceanographic models : pycomodo
  • Parallelization of adaptive mesh refinement algorithms for geophysical models (AGRIF).
  • Regional numerical weather forecasting with data assimilation (WRF-3DVar).
  • Development of a library for distributed computing on heterogenous clusters (MeteoDC).
  • Analysis & development of new numerical schemes for ocean model Mars3D.
2010 Météostrategy

R&D engineer in weather forecasting — Météostrategy – Brest, France.

  • Operational numerical weather forecasting — WRF model.
  • Development of a computing platform for high-resolution climatology (collaboration with PNUD).
  • 30 years-long high-resolution atmospheric reanalyses (5km).
  • Data flow management for pre- & post-processing on HPC system.


PhD, Applied Mathematics and Computer ScienceJean Kuntzmann Laboratory — Grenoble, France.
Lagrangian data assimilation for river hydraulics simulations[PDF]
Advisors: Jérôme Monnier, François-Xavier Le Dimet.
Master of Science, Applied MathematicsUniversité Joseph Fourier — Grenoble, France.
Master of Science, Digital Image & Signal ProcessingCranfield University, School of Engineering — Bedford, United Kingdom.
Engineering degree in Applied Mathematics & Computer SciencesINSA Rouen — Rouen, France.


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