Geophysical numerical models
  • Meteorology : WRF (NCAR/NOAA)
  • Oceanography : Mars3d (IFREMER), ROMS-AGRIF (IRD/INRIA)
  • River hydraulics : Dassflow (developed during PhD.)
Scientific computing
  • Numerical methods (finite elements / finite volumes, time-stepping schemes)
  • Modeling & analysis of numerical schemes
  • HPC / Parallel computing
Computer science
  • Languages : Python, C++, C, Fortran 2008, Bash
  • Parallel methods : OpenMP, MPI, Hybride
  • Visualization : Matplotlib, NCL
  • Various tools : Git, NetCDF, Blas / Lapack, numpy, scipy
  • French : mother tongue
  • English : good professional level
  • German : read, written


Software Project ManagerYeastLab / Institut Carnot LSI
Since 2015 — Grenoble, France
Scientific Computing Consultant — Freelance
2014-2015 — Grenoble, France
  • Developments in ocean model Mars3d (IFREMER). Refactoring, code optimization, MPI parallelization.
  • Implementation of an integrated numerical weather forecasting system.
Research EngineerINRIA Rhône-Alpes
2011-2014 — Grenoble, France — 3 years
MOISE project-team, LJK.
  • Transverse technical coordination for the COMODO project (French Oceanic Modeling Community).
  • Development of tools for oceanographic models inter-comparison. (pycomodo).
  • Parallelization of multi-grid algorithms in oceanography (AGRIF).
  • Work on "Froggy" HPC system at Ciment computing center.
R&D Engineer in meteorologyMétéostrategy
2010 — Brest, France — 1 year
  • High-resolution climatology.
    Work in collaboration with ClimSAT (UNDP).
    • Development of a computing platform for high-resolution climatology.
    • Operational implementation of weather forecasting model WRF.
    • Use of Caparmor HPC system at Ifremer.
    • Pre / Post-processing dataflow management.
  • Development of validation tools for climatologies wrt. observations.
Expert engineerINRIA Rhône-Alpes
2007-2009 — Grenoble, France — 2 years
MOISE project-team, LJK.
  • Distributed computing on heterogeneous clusters, applied to weather forecasting.
    Project funded by Grenoble Alpes Valorisation Innovation Technologies (GRAVIT).
    • Development of a software framework (in Python) to split up large computing tasks into autonomous jobs and dispatch them on a heterogeneous cluster.
    • Development of visualization tools to produce result maps on HTML pages. (example).
    • Application to weather forecasting with WRF atmospheric model.
  • Regional weather forecasting with data assimilation
    Collaboration with the French Sailing Federation (FFV).
    • Implementation of the mesoscale weather forecasting model WRF.
    • 3DVar (FGAT) data assimilation (METAR/SYNOP observations).
    • Demo configuration: Brittany region (in French).
  • Numerical analysis for oceanography.
    Collaboration with IFREMER, as part of the Prévimer project.
    • Analysis & development of numerical schemes for the oceanic model Mars3d.
    • Development of a new high-order time-stepping scheme.
    • Analysis & implementation of multidimensional advection schemes.
PhD. thesisGrenoble INP
2003-2007 — Grenoble, France — 3 years
Title : Lagrangian data assimilation for river hydraulics simulations.
  • Development of a river hydraulics simulation code for lagrangian data assimilation (Dassflow).
  • Cross-disciplinary research domain in an international scientific context.
  • Scientific & technical publications in english.


2001 — Val de Rueil, France — 4 months
  • Test & validation of free-surface Navier-Stokes simulation codes.
  • Computation of hull resistance & wake formation.
  • Development of 3d meshing procedures.
2000 — Vieillevigne, France — 2 months
Development of technical monitoring & database in aviculture with 4e Dimension software.
Internship — French Ministry of Cultural Affairs
2000 — Rouen, France — 1 months
Migration of an heterogeneous document database.
Internship — French National Center for Distance Education (CNED).
1998-1999 — Rouen, France — 3 months
Development of interactive educational tools for distance learning of mathematics.


PhD. in Applied MathematicsGrenoble INP
2007 — Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann (LJK) — Co-funded by CNRS and CNES.
Title : Lagrangian data assimilation for river hydraulics simulations. [plus]
Master of Science (MSc.) in applied mathematics — Joseph Fourier University (UJF)
2003 — Modeling & Computation Laboratory (LMC) / Grenoble Applied Mathematics & Computer Science Institute.
Master of Science (MSc.) — Cranfield University
2002 — School of Engineering — Bedford, United Kingdom — ERASMUS
Digital Image & Signal Processing (DSIP).
Engineering degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer SciencesINSA Rouen
2002 — French National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) — Rouen, France